You will NEVER get “More Time”, So Do This.

When the clock strikes midnight, there isn’t any extra hour to be found. The day is over. It’s pumpkin time. It’s on to the next. If you can’t get more time, then what can you do? Whine that it’s not fair Give up Create More Value (hint, it’s this one) Get Paid for Value NOT time […]

Self Care is taking responsibility for your future

Self Care is more than fluffy love vibes and bubble baths. In definition it is: “a multidimensional, multifaceted process of purposeful engagement in strategies that promote healthy functioning and enhance well-being” In short, it’s a deliberate act a person takes to promote their own physical, mental, and emotional health. It’s ensuring that you, your body, and […]

Kermit the Frog will destroy your goals

We’re towards the end of the second month of the new year, which also happens to be the same time of year that Kermit the frog comes through like a wrecking ball to your goals and resolutions. (yeah, it’s a real thing) Only 8% of people reach their new year’s resolutions. EIGHT PERCENT! That means […]

You don’t have to be so disciplined…

It is much easier to structure your life in a way that does not require tremendous willpower or self-control. Set your life up in a way that you don’t need to “fight” through it to succeed. Remove the distractions, temptations, toxic people, social accounts, emails, notifications that clutter up your path to greatness. Don’t walk […]

How to evaluate the 6 pillars of your business.

There are 6 core pillars that every aspect of business fits into. Marketing Sales Finances Operations Customer Delivery Mindset Each pillar needs stability for a sustainable and successful business. If you’re making under 10k/month then Mindset, Marketing & Sales are your most important pillars to focus on right now. To do that, stop thinking about […]

All of your excuses are valid. Now What?

“I don’t have enough time” Ok. I believe you. “I don’t have enough money” Ok. That’s a fact. “I don’t have that degree/certification” Alright. “They have more followers” Yep. They do. “It’s hard” Sure is! YOU ARE RIGHT!! So now what? If you’re committed to what you want, then what will you do despite all […]

Are you the Ramen guy?

We used to live in Hoi An Vietnam. In Vietnam, the new year is called “Tet” and the signs are everywhere. For weeks, people are cleaning their houses, stores, and public areas. Flower and orange tree lots (like Christmas tree lots) are full of people. Shops are starting to close and you’re reminded several times […]

Be Imperfect & Keep Going

It is more important to be of pure intention than of perfect action.”― Ilyas Kassam When you’re setting goals, it’s easy to be discouraged when you miss the mark. But holy-moly, when you’ve been doing something one way for so long, it’s going to take practice to do it differently. It’s hard enough for me […]

Release yourself from the “New Year”​ Myth

If you’re feeling behind, you’re in great company (can I call myself great?) I’m an avid planner. It’s innate. I can’t help it if I wanted to. But as the saying goes and is also tattooed on my arm… “Even monkeys fall from trees” Truth be told, I’m super behind on a lot of what […]