Pricing Transparency: Should You Reveal Your Prices Upfront?


Should you spill the beans about your product’s price from the get-go, or should you keep it under wraps until you’ve had a chat?

It’s a debate with two sides, and it all boils down to some common-sense principles like honesty, authenticity, and putting people first.

Making Prices Plain:


  1. Trust Building: When you’re upfront about the price, it’s like saying, “We’re all friends here, no secrets.” It’s the way to go if you believe that business is built on relationships.
  2. Respecting Folks: Sharing the price right away shows you trust your audience to make their own choices. It’s a nod to their smarts and independence.
  3. Time Saver: Clear pricing streamlines things. It means you’re chatting with folks who are already interested and can afford what you offer.


According to Grant Cardone, a renowned sales expert, author, and person I don’t always agree with- but is indeed successful, he says:

“Pricing transparency is a game-changer in modern sales. When you’re upfront about your prices, you eliminate friction in the buying process. It’s a sign of confidence in your product or service, and it attracts serious buyers who value what you offer. Transparency simplifies decision-making for both parties, allowing you to focus on delivering value instead of negotiating.”


Keeping Cards Close:


  1. Flexibility: Some folks reckon hiding the price lets you be more flexible. You can chat people up and convince them of your product’s value before hitting them with the cost.
  2. No Rush to Judgment: Hidden prices can prevent people from jumping to conclusions based solely on the number. They might stick around to see what you’re really offering.


On the other hand, Zig Ziglar, a well-respected sales trainer and motivational speaker, had a different perspective than Mr. 10x above, He said:

“In some cases, keeping prices hidden can be a smart strategy. It allows you to engage potential customers, build rapport, and demonstrate the value of your product or service before discussing costs. By the time you reveal the price, they might be more willing to invest because they understand the benefits fully.”

Our Take:

It’s really going to be first and foremost about what feels aligned and allows you to show up in sales with confidence.

In our world, we’re all about the long game and keeping it real.

While both sides have their merits, we lean towards transparency.

It’s just plain honest and respectful.

That doesn’t mean you have to write every product price down, but you should at least give notes about what ballpark they’re playing in.

But the truth is, you’re marketing should do more of the talking before you ever end up in a sales conversation.

If your marketing is on point, folks should already know the value of your product by the time they’re making decisions.

So, in the end, it’s all about treating people the way you’d want to be treated.

Trust in the power of being open and real.

It’s not about twisting arms; it’s about being genuine and giving folks the freedom to choose.

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