Every Aspect of Life Affects EVERY Aspect of Life


After 20 years in the industry, you get used to the patterns and rhetoric in coaching.

And this time of year the inspiration level is exhaustingly high.

If you scroll through any social media platform, it sounds like this:

WATCH THIS VIDEO (or read this script below) for quick laugh 

Video Script:

“In life you need to succeed at succeeding if you want to succeed. You’ve gotta go to your bed at 10pm, get up at 3am, but get 12 hours of sleep…it’s that easy. Stop living in the past and start pasting in the stopping. Money means jack-squat, Pay for your rent with love and magic beans. Get rid of the toxic people in your life and become best friends with a chicken. Stop being the person that you used to be…and start being the want that you used to have. “


Right now there’s a lot of empty air floating around.

“New Year, New You, Max Efforts = Max Results

Goal crushing & 10x’ing”

And I’m already tired.

But you know what?

You can’t sprint all the time.

The very definition of a sprint is to run at full speed over a short distance, then slow down, rest, or stop.

A 110% effort isn’t sustainable.

The power to run a sprint comes from rest and the balance of exertion.

You can hit the ground running, but it’s not a failure when you walk or rest. In fact, it’s what refills you and enables you to sprint again.

I’m all for goals, planning, and visions.

But, we don’t need a new you.

Instead, look at a new mindset,

a new plan,

a new commitment,

new actions.

When you do this, you don’t end up with a new you, you get to step into your future self.

As Greg McKeown said “OPTIMAL Effort (not maximum) = Maximum Results”


So I ask you today:

How will you optimize your effort rather than drain your reserves?

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