Stuck in the Mud: My Current Reality & Our Path Out


The Relentless Pace and Finding Your True North

There’s an unwritten rule in the world of business, especially in our fast-paced, digital-driven era: “Keep up, or get left behind.”

Everywhere we turn, there’s a constant hum of the next big thing, a new tactic, or another mile-marker that apparently signifies success.

But as I write to you today, neck-deep in my ever-growing to-do list, I’ve hit pause.


Because I was physically, mentally and spiritually reminded of something crucial: that pace, that relentless drive — it’s not sustainable.

Not for our well-being, our creativity, or our sanity.

Truth? I am in the muck right now.

The thick, challenging muck where expectations of what “should be done” clash brutally with the reality of what I can handle.

And you know what?

It’s okay to admit that.

It’s okay to say, “This isn’t working for me.”


The Deceptive Lure of ‘Pushing Through’

We’re often told that if we push through, the rewards will be great.

But what’s the cost of that?

Sleepless nights?


Losing sight of why we started our journey in the first place?

I’ve been there.

Pushing, hustling, trying to check off every box on my list.

And while some praise that resilience, we must question: At what loss?


Permission to Reset

You have permission to re-evaluate.

To sit down with that list of yours and truly ask,

“What matters most right now?”

“What matters most overall?”

It’s imperative to recalibrate our goals around what truly matters, and what our mind and body genuinely need.

We need to protect our most valuable assets: our health, our well-being, and the original spark that ignited our entrepreneurial journey.

It was with this permission, that my team and I canceled upcoming events, rescheduled meetings, and moved the goalposts for several projects.

It was time to reset.

Catching Yourself in the Muck

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, if your to-do list looks more like a novel, if the weight on your shoulders feels unbearable, here are some ways to navigate:

  1. Compassion First: Be kind to yourself. Remember, it’s okay not to be perfect. Accepting our humanity, our flaws, our moments of weakness — that’s our greatest strength.

  2. Re-Evaluate Constantly: What’s truly urgent? What aligns with your core values and your big-picture vision? Streamline your tasks, and let go of the ones that don’t serve your greater purpose.

  3. Check in with Yourself: Your body and mind will always signal when things aren’t right. Listen to them. If you’re constantly fatigued, stressed, or anxious, it’s time for a change.

Coming Full Circle

I started my entrepreneurial journey with dreams, with passion, and with a vision.

And no matter how much awareness I have…

burnouts I’ve learned from…

the noise of the world creeps in and begins to dictate my pace.

Today, as I wade through this muck, I am armed with my most powerful tool: compassion.

Compassion for myself, for my journey, and for the authenticity of admitting that sometimes, it’s okay to slow down.

To all you incredibly ambitious overachieving impact creators I’ve collected here through the years…

Hear this: Life is not a sprint, it’s a marathon.

And if life is a race, I personally, have no rush to get to the finish line anytime soon.

Remember why you started.

Cherish the journey, not just the destination.

Adjust your pace, realign your focus, and always, always, prioritize your well-being.

You’ve got this.

I believe in you, and more importantly, I hope you believe in the journey you’ve embarked upon.

Take a breath, slow down, and remember: your worth isn’t determined by how fast you move, but by the heart and purpose you pour into every step.

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