Stuck in the Mud: My Current Reality & Our Path Out


Yesterday, I had a chat with a client who was stuck at a decision:

“Should I upgrade to the paid version of Calendly?”

It’s a simple question, with a seemingly simple answer.

(you can see my answer below)

But, in fact, it’s one of those loaded questions where the answer isn’t a straightforward ‘yes’ or ‘no,’ but rather an exploration of values.

Yes, we’re getting deep about a scheduling app.

As solopreneurs, we wear many hats and must make strategic decisions about where to invest our time and resources.
In this decision about investing in an app, I believe there are three critical values to consider:

Ease, Effortlessness, and Essentialism.

Let’s break them down:

1. Ease

Imagine your business journey as a river. Ease is the gentle current that carries you forward. It’s about minimizing unnecessary resistance and streamlining your processes.

Ask yourself: “Will upgrading to the paid version of Calendly make managing appointments and schedules easier for me?”

If the answer is yes, it aligns with this value. If learning a new app is complicated and your current system is working fine then it sounds like you would be a beaver putting a dam in your business river.

2. Effortlessness

Effortlessness is, in short, doing things that require minimum effort. Often, the simplest path is the most effective one. And sometimes we can systematize ourselves into overdone causing you to lose time and energy.

Consider: “Will this upgrade make scheduling effortless, not just for me but also for my clients or will another way suffice for now?”

If so, it’s worth considering. If not, go with the effortless option.

3. Essentialism

Essentialism is the North Star that keeps you on your true path. It’s about maintaining focus on what truly matters amidst the noise of endless options.

Reflect on your upgrade and ask: “Does it align with my core business goals? Does it enhance the value I provide to my clients?” “Looking at all I need right now, is it essential?”

If it isn’t, essentialism suggests you reconsider.

This was my official response:

“There’s ease, effortlessness, and essentialism.

Which of the values would NOT having the paid version embody?

Which of these values would HAVING the paid version embody?

Then you can determine if the investment/non-investment is worth what you value.”

When you find yourself at a crossroads in your business decisions, use these steps to determine what’s best for you:

Step 1: Reflect on Your Values

Take a moment to identify your core values in business. Are they ease, effortlessness, essentialism, or something else entirely? Knowing your values will help you make aligned choices.

Step 2: Ask the Question

When faced with a decision, whether it’s about upgrading a tool, launching a new product, or hiring help, ask yourself how it aligns with your values. Will it bring more ease, effortlessness, or essentialism into your business?

Step 3: Weigh the Impact

Consider the potential impact of your decision. Will it make a significant positive difference for you, your clients, or your business goals?

Step 4: Decide Mindfully

Make your decision with intention and mindfulness. Choose the path that aligns most closely with your values and objectives.

Step 5: Embrace Your Choice

Once you’ve made your choice, fully embrace it. Commit to making it work and extracting the most value from it.


In the end, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer in entrepreneurship.

It’s about aligning your choices with your unique journey, values, and needs.

Keep these values of ease, effortlessness, and essentialism as your guiding stars, and you’ll find clarity in even the most complex decisions.

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