There are 6 core pillars that every aspect of business fits into.

Each pillar needs stability for a sustainable and successful business.

If you’re making under 10k/month then Mindset, Marketing & Sales are your most important pillars to focus on right now.

To do that, stop thinking about “marketing tasks” and instead identify what actions you are taking to build the 5 resources your business needs for growth:

Each of these currencies can be exchanged for the other.

What are you currently doing to build these resources?

More importantly, what are you spending your time on that doesn’t fill these buckets?

Let’s get together and dive into building our pillars, resources, content & mindset. We’ll identify the challenges we’re currently facing and create the plan to fix them.

We’re doing the work together.

Just because you can do hard things, doesn’t mean you have to do it alone.

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