Combine Your Inner and Outer Energy to broaden your life vision and gain wisdom for success


This past Monday, I shared a bit about my story of living and training at the Shaolin Temple.

While I was there, I was fortunate to train with Italian filmmaker Michelangelo Ruzzene who made a documentary of his experience at the temple.

Check out this 15-minute lesson¬†filmed inside the ancient Shaolin Temple grounds in the Henan province of China with our Shifu, Shi Yan Jun. (With many cameos of the famous Tanya MFK ūüėā)

During the interview, Shifu talks about the wonderful journey that brought him to be a warrior monk known around the world for his technique and martial arts knowledge. He also explains Qi energy and how to keep your body and mind healthy by balancing the Yin and Yang in your body to create a place of balance and peace for your success.

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