We used to live in Hoi An Vietnam.

In Vietnam, the new year is called “Tet” and the signs are everywhere.

For weeks, people are cleaning their houses, stores, and public areas.

Flower and orange tree lots (like Christmas tree lots) are full of people.

Shops are starting to close and you’re reminded several times to stock up on food to last through the holiday.

The altars are packed to the brim with fresh fruit, drinks, full meals, and often cigarettes (was Buddha a smoker?)

And at any given time of day, like 7 am, the sounds of ego-free, eardrum-bleeding Karaoke fills the streets for miles.

On that New Year’s Eve, my family and I took some time to enjoy a seaside playground about 5 minutes from our house in the rice fields.

Then came New Year’s Day.

Quiet…still…and almost scary when you’re used to the honking of scooters day and night.

That morning, my husband saw a guy go to our local “store” (it’s a lady’s house) and asked her to open up the shop so he could buy three packages of ramen.

My husband said “How is he not prepared? He had to know everything would be closed. The signs are everywhere!”

So, let me ask you this…

You have a second chance to make this year amazing. At this point, 76% of people have already given up on their new year goals.

Are you one of them?

You can choose NOW to be part of the make-it-happeners that accomplish what they set out to do.

Failure isn’t when you mess up, it’s when you give up.

Today is a new day. Today is a NEW YEAR.

If you’re having a hard time seeing the path, let’s brainstorm together.

NO Catch. NO Sales Pitch. NO “discovery” call.

Just two ambitious business-minded humans finding answers and making a plan.

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