15 Ways to Design Your Success

In Success By Design, we take the last quarter of the year for reflection and preparation.

It’s in this passive work that we are able to 10x our results by doing less more effectively come January.

The biggest emphasis is on being clear in the life vision you have first, then we build your business strategy around that.

We don’t put off enjoyment of living for someday elusive day in the future when we might say “Yes, I’m finally successful-I think”.

Because we know by honoring joy now, we live our success each day.

With that said, here are 15 ways you can create change for your life and business that has nothing to do with hustling or 6-figure launch promises.

  1. Plan out your weeks and days in advance
    • Do not let your day’s “happen” to you. Be the architect in creating space for the life you want each day.
  2. Invest in Learning
    • You’re either growing or dying. There’s no in-between. Whether you’re up-leveling your skills or finally taking that piano lesson, harness the art of learning for your life success.
  3. Automate Tasks
    • There’s no reason to use precious brain power on mindless actions. Create systems and processes that automate things such as appointments, marketing, financial tracking, client onboarding, customer service, testimonial gathering, and much more.
  4. Don’t multi-task
    • Truth be told, you’re not multi-tasking anyway. Science proves we are not doing two things at once but rather switching between tasks quickly. Even though it feels like motion, in reality, we are losing up to 40% of our productivity. Instead, UNI-TASK. One function, one mindset, until it’s done.
  5. Do important work only.
    • You have an infinite list, but time is finite. Wasted time is not measured by lack of activity, but time spent on the unessential and unimportant. Make sure you spend your time on activities that have a direct result on your goal.
  6. Become Organized
    • So you might not be the crazy gal that labels every file, color codes their closet, or has an inventory list of the pantry (ie: me, the crazy lady is me), and you don’t need to be. However, if you want a life beyond the norm, you must become beyond the norm.
  7. Limit doing email to 3x’s day or less
    • Your inbox is a list of other’s people agenda for you. Are you committed to your goals or someone else’s? Do not let the “ping” dictate your progress. Choose 1-3 specific times a day when you will check email and respond. Train your team and colleagues that this is when you are available and will respond. But, But…emergencies?! Listen, if there’s a true emergency, they shouldn’t be emailing it to you.
  8. Measure results, not time.
    • Bolting yourself to your desk is not going to improve your business. Instead of focusing on “getting things done”, be clear on the specific results you are working towards and measure your progress based on that.
  9. Stick to a routine.
    • Freedom in entrepreneurship is not about floating listlessly through the day determining at each moment what to do next. Instead, it’s the power to choose your best times for deep work, to decompress, to connect, to be creative. It’s not ditching structure, instead, it’s creating the routines that will serve you best.
  10. Work in Blocks
    • Your brain works best when it’s fully immersed in one focus and function at a time. Instead of having a steady stream of unrelated tasks, group them into blocks. From creative blocks, email blocks, client conversation blocks, group similar tasks together to harness the best output of your brain.
  11. Turn off notifications for unimportant apps
    • Your brain is wired for survival. This means that it’s wired to pay attention to the things that stand out – just in case it’s a saber tooth tiger. So even if you’re using your strongest willpower to stay focused and not worry about those notifications, your brain will focus on the ping. Turn them off.
  12. Relieve Stress
    • Building a business can be racked with worry, anxiety, and stress which can lead to burnout. And guess how much work you get done when you’re burned out? Nada. Zero. Zilch. A break isn’t slacking off, a break is a business decision. Make sure to have a system to tend to yourself before it’s too late.
  13. Find tasks to eliminate
    • A mentor of mine used to look at his calendar a week ahead and arbitrarily choose something to cancel. He was training himself to identify the most important and essential things to work on. While you don’t need to be Mr. Cancelsalot, it’s important to compare your to-do list with your biggest goals and find out what can go.
  14. Book your “want to’s”
    • Many of us are great at sticking to obligations but want about our “want to’s” instead of just our “have to’s” Make official space in your calendar for things like: time with your kids, a nice walk, reading a book. Treat it with the same respect you would a client appointment. Don’t reschedule it, show up on time and be present the whole way through.
  15. Ditch the lone-wolf mentality
    • No one succeeds in a vacuum and there’s no need to try. Each of us stands on the shoulders of those that have influenced, supported, encouraged, and guided us through the way. Make sure to connect regularly with a like-minded community that will challenge you and holds you accountable.