The Four Business Phases


There are 4 phases in business:


They develop in that order.


If you make the right choices in the wrong phase

Chances are you’ll implode the success of your business.

Let’s break it down:


Building is where your business is still being validated.

This is where a lot of testing happens and everything still feels like the wild west



Growing is where you get confirmation that something is working.

You start to feel like you know what you’re doing and start to systematize your processes.



Scaling is when you know it works and doubling down to more of what is working.

You’re generating revenue and putting profits back into the business.

**You never get less problems or less responsibility as you scale, you simply have more resources and a better mindset to deal with them.


Stabilizing is where things are bit more predictable. It’s about maintaining things. You don’t have to invest as much to build the business, things are working as is. You can take more breaks and you may begin to work on new ventures or products.

Most people make the RIGHT choices at the WRONG time:

  • It’s not a great time to sell a business during scale (low sale price)
  • It’s not a great time to hire a lot of people during the build phase (you’ll go broke)
  • It’s not a good time to work 80 hours a week during stabilize (you’ll break the business out of restlessness)
  • It’s not a good time to spend all your money on marketing during the growth phase (you’ll scale a loss)


Know your phase.

Respect your phase.

This allows business to become more of a science, rather than a stab in the dark.

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